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The Empire series



This web site is designed to introduce a new series of books on which I have started. The objective is to tell the dramatic stories of the more outstanding Roman Emperors, although it starts with a man who was not an Emperor at all, Julius Caesar. The first ruler styled ’Emperor’ by history was Caesar’s adopted son (and great-nephew), Augustus, who will be the subject of the second book, currently in the research stages….the name Emperor is derived from the Roman Imperator which meant something rather different, more akin to General in modern parlance. To quote from Goldsworthy’s ‘Augustus’ . ‘Imperator is the Latin word from which we get our word emperor, but it did not have this sense in Augustus’ day. He called himself princeps, which means ‘first’ or ‘leading’ citizen, and this was how other Romans referred to him. If we call him emperor, then we are imposing a different concept onto his regime, one shaped by hindsight and the knowledge that Rome would be a monarchy for many centuries to come. ’ It was Augustus’ name itself which finally became an honorific applied to later Emperors.

This site will gradually be expanded to include other books in this series. At present (April 2016) only the first one is available, Caesar and Cato, the Road to Empire.

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