The Roman Empire, was VAST.  It’s boundaries are shown overlaid  on the same scale with the map of the USA below.a to Zimbabwe”.

Everyone today knows where Zimbabwe is, and has heard of the hyper-inflation there and the trials and tribulations of the people, and Robert Mugabe. This is the story of the six hundred years or so which have culminated in the Republic of Zimbabwe today, 2009. Chapter 1, entitled “Zambezia”, covers the period 1390 AD to 1890,when the English arrived on the scene. Chapter 2, "The English" describes what they did. Chapter 3, "The Rhodesians" takes us from UDI in 1965 up to 1980. Chapter 4, “Zimbabwe”, takes us up to the end of the last millennium and beyond. I was in what may have been a unique position in that I was well acquainted and well connected with the conservative business establishment, but also very close to the corridors of political power from Independence in 1980 on. Click on the “Buy now” button on the left to download the eBook version ($5), or here to go to the Lulu purchase site, where it is sold under the title “Zimbabwe”.