Five out of 5 stars - A Must Read for All! 15 May 2016

Review By Danielle Urban - Published on

Caesar and Cato: Road to Empire by Brian Igoe is well-written. The book's chapters are well-developed in a way that readers can easily dive right into this history moment and be taken back in time. A time that brings us to two important men in Ancient Rome. There's the famous Caesar the man of many battles that everyone knows like the back of their hand and then there's Marcus Cato who brings up the other side of the perspective. Two educated men who fight for what they believe in...

I love anything that deals with real life people and events. Brian Igoe's brilliant writing has taken me back to Rome where a government very much like what we have today was the basis to other governments around the world. Ancient Rome was a vast empire reaching far and wider than readers can imagine. I was swallowed up whole from page one until the last page. The viewpoints from each man was another thing that hit home with me when reading this brilliant informative of Caesar and Cato as well as the empire the served to help succeed. Each man has his own way of being successful and brings a different approach, to life, and the causes they fight for...and as it happens each man believes in the opposite thing which brings me to the reality of the here and now. It's funny how history comes alive not just in the words that pop off the pages but in how they have shaped the world we live in now...we can see bits and pieces of how it all fits like a puzzle. As a reader of all genres, I was immensely taken in with this nonfictional piece. It's educational, entertaining, and informative. Unlike many of its kind, that is dull and boring...Caesar and Cato: Road to Empire is exciting. An easy read for anyone who loves history, important figures, and wants to learn more about what it was really like back in Ancient Rome for these two men and their people. Overall,  I highly recommend this book to readers worldwide.