The Empire Series, (Caesar and Cato, the Road to Empire #1)

Author: Brian Igoe

Historical Fiction

Book Review:

The Empire Series, (Caesar and Cato, the Road to Empire #1)

By: Brian Igoe

Review by: Oh My Bookness


July 20,2016

Caesar and Cato are two forces in history during the rise of the Roman Empire that had different views how things should be but wanted one thing similarly, the succession of the Roman Republic. With any story you read there is a debate on type of person Cato really was, but this story is to try to go through a sequence of events and territories to give you their story. With anything in history the farther back you travel or the less you know, those areas are feathered in and a conclusion comes from what you know is not yet offered and a byline is created connecting you to the history that has already been forged and well known and documented.

With any good historical fiction like Caesar and Cato –The Road To Empire, take what we know of the time, the people, the political system and their tactics and we get to learn about the people and what drove them to do what they did. Why they chose the sides they chose. Was Cato as honest as some thought In the way he lead his men or was he just as corrupt as the rest. Was Caesar worth noting more in history for his actions, and how did they influence history as we know it.

You can continue the debate, learn more about the men who rose and fell. When it comes to Roman History ini still a lot of questions, but here is another, none the less to add to the books for historical fiction lovers and history buffs alike.